After-sales service:

 the task of this department is Providing after sale services for ours products.

After sales service is one of the most important services that  offered by supplier After purchasing any product.

After sales service is very important in some products such as industrial equipment .The task of after-sales service

is divided into four main stage:


1:Help clients To select the appropriate item that is  The main purpose of this section.

2:Help consumers  and  Provide technical issues and education about Correct handling products is the other goal in this section.

In many cases, Problems has been resolved by Technical advice of this part .

3:resolving the problems of defective goods In the shortest time Deliver the goods to the customers

 4:To improve quality and resolving the problem and Increased efficiency and Compliance Products,after sale services part is providing

the Reports Periodically and Rendering to technical department to Next reviews

 This information is very effective in improving the production process and Helps to improve the quality and conformity with the needs

of consumers

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